1. Name

    The name of the League shall be: The Harrogate and District Tennis League.

    To take advantage of sponsorship, the name may, from time to time, incorporate additional words before 'Harrogate'.

  2. Definitions

    HDTL: The Harrogate and District Tennis League as an organisation.

    LEAGUE: The current league structure of The Harrogate and District Tennis League.

    MEMBER CLUB: A current member of The Harrogate and District Tennis League.

    LTA: The Lawn Tennis Association.

    AGM: Annual General Meeting.

    THE COMMITTEE: The Management Committee as elected at the Annual General Meeting.

  3. Membership

    Membership of HDTL shall be open to Tennis Clubs in Harrogate and the surrounding area.

    Individual persons are not entitled to membership of HDTL.

    It is a condition of membership that individuals of MEMBER CLUBS shall conform to existing equality legislation with regard to issues of colour, race, ethnic origin, religion and gender in their conduct within the HDTL.

    Admission to new MEMBER CLUBS shall be by a majority vote of existing member clubs at the Annual General Meeting, subject to voting rules in force at that time.

    Membership subscriptions for the next season are payable on the date of the preceding AGM, and are not refundable.

    MEMBER CLUBS may enter more than one team in the LEAGUE.

    MEMBER CLUBS may resign their membership, or remove a team from the LEAGUE, at any time, but it is hoped that (for organisational purposes) this would happen during the close season prior to the AGM.

  4. Purpose

    The purpose of the League shall be to organise competitive tennis for individual members of MEMBER CLUBS. Any competition shall follow any relevant LTA guidelines and all play shall be subject to LTA and HDTL rules applying at the time. Competition formats shall include: League tennis. Historically, HDTL has managed an adult mixed doubles league, but other formats may be added subject to demand and feasibility.

    An Annual Tournament, with entry open only to bona fide members of MEMBER CLUBS.

    Rules for established competitions shall be laid down and amended by majority vote, only at an AGM, but the conduct of competitions and any interpretation of existing rules shall be the responsibility of THE COMMITTEE. THE COMMITTEE may find it appropriate to organise other competitions without the authority of an AGM.

  5. Player Eligibility

    All players shall have paid a full subscription applicable to their age group for the current season to the MEMBER CLUB they represent before taking part in competition.

    Club Membership Subscriptions shall not be paid by any form of sponsorship, nor shall players receive any payment for playing, or for travelling expenses direct from the MEMBER CLUB or from any external source. (Players may, of course, share travelling expenses by car etc.)

    To maintain the integrity of the divisional structure of the LEAGUE by ability levels, restrictions on some players will be imposed as defined in the League Rules, or by decision of the COMMITTEE.

    The use of 'occasional' players to influence the result of a specific fixture shall be actively discouraged, and the COMMITTEE shall have the power to decide player eligibility in such circumstances, either in advance or retrospectively, and to take whatever action is deemed necessary.

  6. Structure

    HDTL shall be a not for profit entity.

    Its activities and finances shall be managed by the COMMITTEE.

    The COMMITTEE shall consist of a President, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of 2 other persons. In the interests of continuity, the three Officers may be elected for a period of 3 years, with one officer elected each year.

    Meetings of the Committee shall be held as often as required but there shall be at least two meetings each year.

    The COMMITTEE shall have the power to raise money through subscriptions from MEMBER CLUBS, charging individuals for specific activities and by seeking sponsorship from suitable businesses or individuals.

    The Committee shall present audited accounts to the AGM.

    HDTL shall not take out loans to undertake activities, and should normally operate with a prudent positive balance.

    In the unlikely event of a running negative financial balance, HDTL shall ask MEMBER CLUBS for an immediate proportional subscription to restore the balance.

    In the event that HDTL is wound up, any surplus funds shall be allocated by the COMMITTEE to a suitable tennis organisation within the Yorkshire LTA.

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    The COMMITTEE shall have the power to co-opt members as required.

  7. Annual General Meeting

    The AGM shall be held between 1st February and 31st March each year.

    To be quorate, the AGM must be attended by a representative of a minimum of two thirds of the MEMBER CLUBS.

    The agenda shall include:

    • Minutes of Previous AGM.

    • Annual reports from the Secretary and Treasurer.

    • Election of the COMMITTEE.

    • Any proposed changes to the CONSTITUTION or LEAGUE RULES (these shall be proposed by the COMMITTEE or a MEMBER CLUB before December 31st). Individuals may not propose changes.

    • The structure for the LEAGUE in the coming season.

    Voting at the AGM shall be on a majority basis:

    • MEMBER CLUBS with 2 or more teams entered in the LEAGUE for the forthcoming season shall be entitled to 2 votes.

    • MEMBER CLUBS with 1 team entered in the LEAGUE for the forthcoming season shall be entitled to 1 vote.

    • Club Representatives must be present at the AGM in order to cast a vote. Each representative may cast one vote only.

    Matters raised in 'Any Other Business' shall not be put to a vote.

  8. Extraordinary General Meeting

    An extraordinary general meeting shall be called with a minimum of 14 days' notice under the following circumstances:

    • The COMMITTEE members consider that there are circumstances in which they cannot adequately conduct the affairs of the LEAGUE without consulting all MEMBER CLUBS.

    • A minimum of two thirds of all MEMBER CLUBS consider that HDTL is no longer able to function in a satisfactory manner, and that an EGM is necessary to remedy the situation.

    The League Secretary shall call an EGM on receipt of the necessary number of requests in writing or by email, each one signed by the MEMBER CLUB representative as per LEAGUE records and one other principal officer of the MEMBER CLUB.

  9. Amendments to the Constitution

    No amendments or alterations shall be made to the Constitution unless with the consent of a majority of two thirds of the members present at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose. The intention to make such amendments or alterations must be made in writing to the Committee before any such proposal is submitted at the Annual or Extraordinary General meeting.

  10. Complaints Procedure and Disciplinary Matters

    In the event that a MEMBER CLUB has a complaint against the conduct of another MEMBER CLUB or any of its individual members and this cannot be resolved at an informal level, a formal complaint may be submitted to the HDTL Chairman.

    The COMMITTEE shall consider the complaint and reach a decision. If a penalty is imposed, the MEMBER CLUB or individual(s) concerned shall have seven days to appeal against the decision.

    If there is a complaint against the conduct of THE COMMITTEE or one of its members, the COMMITTEE shall appoint a sub-committee of three people, two of whom shall be other than members of the COMMITTEE. The sub-committee shall decide upon what action to take if necessary.

    The COMMITTEE itself may instigate disciplinary action against a MEMBER CLUB or its individual member(s).

    Individual members of MEMBER CLUBS may raise a complaint only via their MEMBER CLUB committee.

    Any appeal shall be judged on the basis of any matters not considered at the time of the complaint.

  11. Expulsion of a MEMBER CLUB or individual member(s) from the LEAGUE

    This paragraph is required to empower the COMMITTEE to expel a MEMBER CLUB, one or more of its teams, or its individual members should the need ever arise.

    After disciplinary procedure is complete, the COMMITTEE shall have the authority to suspend an individual person from taking part in HDTL activities either on a temporary basis or as a permanent expulsion.

    Similarly, after disciplinary procedure is complete, the COMMITTEE shall have the authority to suspend a MEMBER CLUB from taking part in HDTL activities either on a temporary basis or as a permanent expulsion.

    In a situation where it is necessary to expel one team from the LEAGUE, the COMMITTEE shall have the authority to expel that team, but permit other teams from the same MEMBER CLUB to continue within the LEAGUE.

    Any MEMBER CLUB or individual subject to suspension or expulsion shall be entitled to appeal against the decision within a period of seven days from the date of issue of the penalty.