2023 HDTL Season

HDTL 2023 Divisional results

Division 1 – David Lloyd, runners-up Boroughbridge.

Division 2 – HSTC, and promoted Bedale

Division 3 – Knaresborough, and promoted Harrogate Racquets A

Division 4 – Ripon B, and promoted Westfields

Division 5 – Ripon C, and promoted Starbeck C

Division 6 -  Harrogate Racquets B, and promoted West Tanfield

Trophies have been awarded and should be returned at the 2024 AGM, when the HDTL will have them engraved for 2023.

The divisional format is decided at the AGM, and the aim is to have 8 teams in a division. This determines if none, one or two teams are relegated.

Published on Tuesday 4th April 2023 by Carolyn

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